Aug 3, 2010

Grey Justice will punch you out... MAN!

Hey everybody!
I got the chance to follow along very closely with this year's Richmond 48 Hour Film Project with the Hand Turkey Studio Team... er... um well... I got to help out, I did some modeling. Last year I followed along with the Tinychat and the IRC channel, but this was a whole new experience.

What was produced at the end of the 48 hours, was impressive: Grey Justice, it had a unified feel with the colors even though several different styles were used and a nicely written story.

There actually wasn't as much modeling work that needed to be done for the project As I thought there would be. Most of it was needed on the Friday night and Saturday morning of the project, after that it was story boarding, animation, compositing, bug fixing, all of which I didn't get too involved in.
I grabbed a few modeling tasks off the list, started with the Acid Cauldron, which turned out better than I thought it would.

RH2 created a nice little promo image. He joined in the project while it was running and helped me out with some material tweaks including irises and pupils, not much on such a short deadline, but it help out alot since I was tired.... haha.

The future looks grey for this short... it may turn into a series, and this first episode MAY be fixed up and re-released. Cool!

Anyway, it was a fun weekend project to help out with, and gave me a kind of mini experience watching the whole production pipeline for producing an animated short.

And so... here is the August post... sorry I missed the last two months... Happy Punching!

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