Dec 13, 2009

Explosion! More free wallpapers for the fun of it

Hey y'all, I have a new FREE dual screen and widescreen wallpaper. Anyway, after seeing the post about speed painting by David Revoy on the Durian blog I downloaded a few of the free applications he was showing. He was using Alchemy. I played with it for a while and came up with an explosion. Fun experimental wallpaper, I don't know if it will fit best as a wall paper, but screens are a good place to display digital art. Enjoy :D

Nov 15, 2009

2.5 Ninja?

Here is the first model I have decided to build entirely in Blender 2.5 as it develops... interesting ride so far. Some problems I have run into have been not having all the modeling tools that 2.49 came with... but that aspect is coming along nicely. When i started modeling the shrinkwrap modifier worked properly, currenly it does not work if an underlying mesh has a subsurf modifier, so the leg wrap cloth looks kinda not right. Hope Tyler is alright with me posting this here ;)

Nov 9, 2009

Well, not finished yet, but you can see it

Well so far I haven't finished the piece because the lighting is tricky to set up, needs more tweaking. Anyway here is a preview image, the lighting is really over exposed.
Its kinda too bad I ran out of time due to moving right when the deadline came up, this would have been a fun entry :D

Oct 19, 2009

My BWC 2009 Progress

Sitting in the shadow of the mammoth fur tutorial release, (haven't gone to check it out yet) so this is basically my attempt at cow fur.

Just note I still have to tweak a bit. The color, the specularity and the foot textureing. I still have to add some bump textures as well.

p.s. I have less than two weeks to pull the whole scene together, wish me luck :)

More frequent updates occur here at my Blender Artists thread.

Sep 17, 2009

Free Wallpaper: Oh! That Wasn't such a good idea!

Hey! I am back here with some fresh content. A free desktop wallpaper in two sizes 1440 x 900 and 1024 x 768. If you would like more sizes just leave a comment.

1440 x 900

1024 x 768

Jan 29, 2009

About the details

Well how about that. Finally managed to get down to modeling the details on the Buddha model. Completed the 'hair' a couple days ago and the clothing wrinkles were added just today.

One thing I did notice while working on the clothing; I had missed putting the feet in, so a quick single toed foot was added to both sides, now there should be no parts missing. I am thinking it will have to be tweaked a bit as well, the face doesn't look quite right for some reason.

The model is running around 204,000 verticies.

Hmm.... I still don't completely like....

I am still not sure what name to go with, I am pretty sure the name will change yet... Lumpycow, Lumpy Art.... LCA (Lumpycow Art)... Those are a few ideas i just made up on the spot, they seem a lot simpler.

Leave a comment if you have any input.


Jan 14, 2009

And here is where I show the ear attached to the head, started and finished the ear today. Next up the folds in the clothing.

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