Jul 8, 2011

Sculpting and Painting like an Alien!

My Internet went down at home and I realized that not having it helps get things done, so I decided to do a mini sculpting project of an alien bust. The concept art came from an artist friend and he gave me this a long time ago and I decided to go ahead and sculpt it just for kicks.

Learning basic sculpting tools is interesting and I found it hard closing gaps when sculpting and making smooth curves even with a tablet. It takes a while to get those thing evened out, but you can usually get away with unevenness in organic models, a little less true for hard edge models though.
Also produced this small piece of abstract, the colors were rather arbitrary and is just a paint over of a close up screenshot of a model in orthographic view. Kind of a test and proof of concept of David Revoy's paint over technique, you can find it here in his Blend and Paint DVD training series.


Tyler said...

Looks real good Andrew, great work.

Admin3D said...

Anonymous said...

Oh shit that's dope!

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