Apr 15, 2010

The Trees are Dancing! Oh Really?

Yes! Really! Quite a while ago I modelled and rigged a palm tree, thus allowing you to make the tree DANCE! Well, this rig I made for the tree makes its trunk extensable so maybe its more viable to use this to just duplicate and pose multiple trees, heh. I got the idea to post this because I was browsing blendercookie.com and saw a tut on modeling a palm tree, sparked my memory and well, you can go have your shot at making palm trees dance.

I did not model it after any particular type of palm, just a whatever was in my imagination at the time.

I went back to the archives and found the tree to discover that it was incomplete and slighly broken, so I have fixed it up for 2.5x. For one thing the curve modifiers were messed up when I opened the file in 2.5 so I redid those, and tweaked the mesh some.

I uploaded the file to Blendswap so everyone can ridicule/enjoy the beauty of the palms... the dancing palms :D

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