Feb 10, 2010

Dream Like Space Duck: He Can Fly!

Alrighty, here is a character that came into being, I think just for the fun of it, I don't really remember, but I think he started just before the BWC (Blender World Cup) 2009 came around and took up all my modeling time. Its just a side project and I code named him 'duckpound' hehe.. don't ask me why. But anyway I thought I would share this creatures love for flight and his great outlook on life.

I did find it slightly difficult getting lighting in the goggles properly though, they have transparent lens and its a small area so ambient occlusion really darkens the inside of them.
He does have a rubber suit over top of his feathers (for aerodynamics of course) but I am sure there will be a few sticking out all over the place before he is complete. Any thoughts on this lanky spawn of freedom are welcome in the comments below ;)

PS. Ah now I remember, the goggles and the jet pack were 2 different smc's (speed modeling contest) and and sir duck here, was the character made to wear the goggles. YEAH!

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